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So you’ve decided to become a ClareMedica patient…Congratulations! 


In doing so you’ve taken the first step in improving your level of care and satisfaction.  So…what’s the next step?

Relax, we’ll make it easy for you...

Simply click here to find the office closest to you and give us a call. We have same day appointments available.  You can also send us an e-mail by clicking here, and one of our ClareMedica associates will call you, or you can come on in...However you decide to contact us, we can’t wait to be your health care partner!


For your first appointment be sure to bring the following with you:


Your current insurance card and valid photo ID.

All your medication bottles, including non-prescription medicines…please bring it all in.

Bag them and bring them!  By doing so, you’ll help us, help you, get on the right medication, faster.

A list of the things you would like to talk about. 

Sometimes it takes a few days to remember all the aches and pains we’re troubled about. Start making a list as soon as you hang up from scheduling your first appointment with us.  By starting this list early and keeping it going, you’ll be an active and contributing partner in your health program.  We’ll all work better when we work together on your health.

A friend. 

When you’re not well, it can be harder to concentrate and remember.  Having a trusted friend or companion by your side that can help you understand and remember your doctor’s instructions will make things easier.  We promise to treat them like an honored guest in our offices!

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