Welcome to the Breeze Patient Portal!

 Offering you the convenience of accessing your personal health information when and how you like
is just one of the ways we are bringing you
better care and service.


What is Breeze?

The Breeze portal gives you 24/7 access to manage your care whenever and wherever you are - from your phone or on the web:

  • See open slots and request appointments

  • Reschedule appointments and get reminders

  • View statements and pay bills

  • Create payment plans

  • Update information

  • Add and update insurance details

  • Fill out all the paperwork prior to your visit

  • Pay how you want (debit, credit, apple pay, android pay, checks, HSA, and more)


You may already have seen Breeze in action when you visited your practice last, making your check-in process much faster than ever.


How do I get access to Breeze?

In order to use Breeze on your phone or the web we will send you an invitation e-mail to the address we have on file. Just click on the link within 24 hours of receiving it to create your account.


Please let us know if you need to update the e-mail address we have on file so you receive the invitation.


How can I use Breeze?

You can use Breeze on your smartphone, on the web, or when coming in to the practice.

  • From your smartphone: You can use the full functionality of Breeze all from the app , download them here:

  • From your computer: Go to www.gobreeze.com to sign in once you’ve been invited and created an account.

  • At your practice: When you visit we will hand you a tablet instead of a clipboard. You will see all your information we for you already completed, so check everything is correct and add any missing answers.