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Medicare Advantage Just Got BETTER!

Exclusively for Medicare Advantage Members, introducing...*


 ClareChoice Rewards

Your Points. Your Way!

With ClareChoice Rewards you can earn rewards simply by completing healthy activities, such as attending regular visits with your provider, taking medication as prescribed, or even attending a ClareMedica event. The more activities you complete, the more ClareChoice points you earn to use towards the gift card prizes of your choosing.

Participating is easy!

Complete Healthy Activities

Collect Points for Activities Completed

Redeem Points for Rewards

BETTER Health is Rewarding!

What kind of gift card rewards can you earn and redeem? Check out a sample of the selection by clicking on the REWARDS button below. Selection may vary based on availability.

Point redemption is limited to $75 per annum per Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Office of the Inspector General guidelines.

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