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When you consider selling your practice to ClareMedica, you can look forward to unlocking the fair value of your health care business. We’ll make the sales process seamless and our practice evaluation is simple and non-intrusive.


You can choose to sell your practice and transition out of the business over an agreed upon time line, or you can choose to unlock the value of on-going benefits through continued employment.


You can also send
Albert a note by 
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Call me.  I can help you determine the true value of your practice

(786) 758-3133. 

As a ClareMedica physician you can look
forward to:


  • a highly competitive salary,

  • malpractice insurance,

  • health benefits,

  • paid vacation,

  • retirement benefits,

  • time for CME training, and,

  • the potential of a meaningful cash bonus based on:

    • clinical quality,

    • patient satisfaction, and,

    • strategic initiatives.

Albert Palombo

Chief Marketing Officer

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