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If you’re not ready to sell just yet then let us be your Managed Services Organization (MSO)…or at least a better one…


We can deliver cost and labor efficiencies that will impact your practice in a very beneficial way. If you’re already in an MSO arrangement, talk to us anyway…chances are we can help you hit your bonus targets and improve your bottom line.


With our programming you can look forward to:

  • Enhanced reimbursements through proper billing, coding, and collections

  • Workflow optimization

  • Lower overall expenses

  • Industry leading practice optimization and management which includes:

    • Revenue cycle management: managed care/capitation analysis

    • Credentialing

    • Electronic medical records system

    • Human resources: staffing, training, and much, much more.


Talk to us today about how we make you and your practice breathe a little easier. We’ll help you deliver a fantastic patient experience, better patient outcomes, and enjoy an improved top and bottom line.


You be the doctor, we’ll manage the business™

Call or send me a note.  I’ll be glad to help you learn about becoming part of the growing ClareMedica MSO network.

Julia Fish
Director of Affiliate Provider Operations

(786) 758-3159 

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