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The business end of health care is complicated.  That's why ClareMedica has brought together a senior management team who are experts in this field.  They support the clinicians who support you when making health care choices. 



Ren Mullinix: Chief Operating Officer

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Peter Zuckoff, CPA: Chief Financial Officer

Peter brings over 30 years of accounting and finance expertise to bear in the review and upgrade of new-practice-acquisition financial systems. His ability to maintain an orderly accounting integration of these practices will contribute significantly to greater financial efficiencies across our entire enterprise.  Peter began his career in 1987 with Coopers & Lybrand, and in addition to his exemplary work at Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc., (NYSE:MDF), continuing on with Humana - post-acquisition, he has held progressively senior-finance-executive roles with organizations such as Sheridan Healthcorp, Suncrest OMNI, Andrx Corporation and MedPartners, Inc.

Albert Palombo: Chief Marketing Officer, Founding Partner 

Al is a health care executive who specializes in providing strategic, operational, and marketing counsel to organizations involved in the delivery of care to Medicare eligible seniors. As a senior corporate officer, he has occupied positions such as chairman, chief executive officer, as well as senior vice president, at organizations such as Medi-Home, Inc., Metropolitan Health Networks, Humana, and New York City based Cameron Associates.  In addition to being responsible for all of ClareMedica’s organic Medicare member growth initiatives, he is instrumental in areas of capital raising, private equity interactions, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic business planning and execution. He oversees all customer-service related issues and leads the company's co-branding and marketing relationships with all of our health maintenance organization (HMO) plan partners.

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