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Welcome to Mare Cares!

Hi, my name is Mary and my friends call me “Mare” . Let me tell you a bit about myself.


At 75 years young, I certainly don’t feel like the dinosaur my three loving grandchildren would liken me to.  I am active, independent, and eager to make the most of the retirement I worked so hard to enjoy.


After raising a busy family, and having worked and volunteered in the health care industry for over 30 years, retirement was a transition. I haven’t given up the daily routine though, I’m still an early riser I just fill my days a little differently now…

When my husband passed away almost a decade ago, I moved from the home where we raised our children to an adult condominium complex – a big change, but it suits me perfectly. My neighbors have become close friends and we look after one another. There is an amazing social committee in the complex that coordinates fun activities to help me stay active mentally and physically - bridge club, outings, walking groups, movie and trivia nights, and more. And, if I still miss puttering in the garden I can drop in on the gardening club who keep our grounds looking vibrant.

Other than an arthritic knee replacement, aging hasn’t slowed me down any; I attribute this to my lifelong commitment to staying fit. I still make a point of exercising at least three times a week and swimming is my workout of choice. I have learned to accommodate the inevitable changes that have come with my body’s years of, let's just call it, experience.  For example, I don’t feel as safe driving at night as I used to, so I try to run all my errands during daylight hours. I even plan my social outings this way too, opting to catch a matinee performance rather than an evening show, or making plans for lunch instead of dinner.


And even though I do my best to navigate all on my own, my three children are always just a phone call away. They never hesitate to manage the physical tasks that I just can’t anymore, or offer a hand with the technology, that, try as I might, may never master.   Although I am getting the hang of my tablet and I am really enjoying keeping in touch with family in faraway places through Facebook and email.


My kids are never short on good advice for their dear mother, particularly as it relates to my health… but doctors they are not. That’s why I’m glad to have the support of the ClareMedica team of professionals – these guys know what better means, so I got to know better and if you’re Medicare eligible and living in Florida, you should get to know better too.


If you haven’t already, make the call and experience better health care with a brilliant team of medical professionals. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Bookmark this blog.  I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing and I’d like to hear from you too.  If you would like, e-mail me your thoughts on how you keep fit or health challenges you may be facing.  We’ll share ideas and resources here and together can help take care of each other.


Your friend in health,





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