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Have you recently received a letter or a call about RxLive?

If so, here are the answers to a few of the
most frequently asked questions. 

What is RxLive?

RxLive is a ClareMedica better value partner offering clinical pharmacist services. Together, we are now providing medication management services to patients whose medical needs qualify. It includes a full medication review either over the phone or by video chat with a clinical pharmacist. This service is meant to help improve your health and save you money.

Why was I contacted?

Your ClareMedica primary care provider believes that you will benefit from this consultation. We know that taking multiple medications can be difficult and sometimes confusing.  This is an opportunity to have a clinical pharmacist go over all of your medications with you, make sure they are working well, and answer any questions you might have. Additionally, if you take expensive medications, a check in with a pharmacist can be helpful to see if there are ways to reduce your costs. 

Do I have to schedule an appointment with a pharmacist?

It is completely up to you, however, your ClareMedica provider specifically chose you because you are taking multiple medications. It's likely, there is an opportunity for you to save money and improve your health by completing this medication review.

What can I expect at my RxLive appointment? 

This brief video helps to explain how an RxLive pharmacist can help. 

How do I book at RxLive appointment?

Click here to book online:





or call 1-866-234-4974

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