Are you the picture of health?
We think you should  be.  Let's talk more about  the services you  can expect to receive from your ClareMedica health care designed to give you, and your care givers, peace of mind.

Count on us...

You can count on your ClareMedica team to provide you with a full scope of primary care services.  Whether you've got a touch of the flu, or something more serious on your mind, give us a call.  As your health care partner, we'll help you understand, assess, and design a health treatment plan that is right for you.  With ClareMedica, you're never alone in making decisions about your health.


Here are just some of the things we can help you with...if you don't see it on the us. Your ClareMedica health partner will know exactly how to help.  


  • Annual Wellness Exam: If you're Medicare eligible, you're entitled to this exam every year!  We are Medicare professionals and can help you with all of your Medicare needs

  • Diabetes care and management

  • Cancer screenings and care

  • Blood pressure related issues and management

  • All heart and cardiovascular related conditions

  • Breathing and lung related issues such as asthma

  • Flu shots...please feel free to come in for this...any time

  • Issues related to your stomach and digestion

  • Bone health: musculokeletal conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and general pain relief.

  • Obesity: sometimes bigger is not better and being obese can affect your heart, kidneys, and ability to get around.  We can help.

  • Female health services...Ladies, your ClareMedica health partner has seen it all.  Don't be embarrassed, come in and talk to us.

  • Male health issues...Same goes for you, gents.  We can help with all of your male related needs

  • Specialist referrals.  If we can't fix it, we know who can and we'll help you find and understand exactly which specialist is right for you...and we'll be with you every step of the way.  As your health partner, we're here for you...for the long run


Make the call and schedule your next appointment. You'll feel better about it...We Promise.

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