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Medicare Advantage... What's in it for me?

It's open enrolment, and if you've been considering a Medicare Advantage plan, here's a bit of information that just might help you make a smart choice.

What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C is the part of Medicare policy that allows private health insurance companies to provide Medicare benefits. These Medicare private health plans, such as HMOs and PPOs, are known as Medicare Advantage Plans. If you want, you can choose to get your Medicare coverage through a Medicare Advantage Plan instead of through original Medicare.

We recommend that you do because in addition to the all the coverage outlined under original Medicare Part A and B, (with the exception of hospice care), Medicare Advantage plan members are eligible for a whole host of other benefits, typcially at no extra cost, which may include:

  • Dental,

  • Vision,

  • Hearing,

  • Preventative care, and more!

I want to keep my doctor and stay with South Dade Primary Care - can I do this with Medicare Advantage?

Yes! By choosing one of the Medicare Advantage plan partners (listed below) that work with South Dade Primary Care, nothing needs to change. In fact, things could get better for you! That's why Drs. Zimmerman, Zager, and Leon are encouraging all Medicare eligible South Dade Primary Care customers to elect to receive their care under a Medicare Advantage plan. We have partnered with four plan providers to make it easy for customers to enroll.

I'm interested in a Medicare Advantage plan, but worried that I won't be able to keep my favorite specialist.

Having such a variety of plan partners working with South Dade Primary Care means there is a good chance that your favorite specialist is in our network. Contact any one of our plan partners (listed below) or speak to one of our South Dade Primary Care team members to find out. By enrolling as a plan member you'll get access to a great network of specialists and providers, and get more benefits, more health care resources, and more time with us at no extra cost!

How do I enroll?

Call us at the office anytime we'd be glad to help, (305) 666-6580, send us an email, OR contact anyone of our plan partners directly. They can be reached at the following:

​Doris Sainvil • (786) 805-2027