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Coronavirus (COVD-19)… Flattening the Curve

It has been an extraordinary couple of weeks and amid the stress and uncertainty, it’s never been more critical to stay connected with one another. At ClareMedica, we remain dedicated to keeping you informed about the actions we are taking during this uncertain time and want you to understand that our message is consistent and clear:

We’re here for you, you are not alone, and our practices remain open.

With all of the information and anxiety generated by the news surrounding COVID-19, it’s easy to forget that regular health care goes on. Everyday issues like hypertension (blood pressure), diabetes, and general aches and pains don’t magically disappear because of the coronavirus, so it’s important for you to remember that you should continue to call and visit us for these things as you normally would. We’re here for you. Our dedication to the continuity of your care is what drives all of the health care professionals at ClareMedica, every day. So while coronavirus has changed the health care landscape, our promise of helping you stay better will never change and you’re not alone when it comes to understanding and tackling COVID-19. What you will see is a change in some of our methods as we adapt to the new current reality.

Here are some things you can expect from ClareMedica:

  • We remain fully operational and, while you’ve heard this before from us, it bears repeating: if you are experiencing flu like symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) or have travelled internationally in the last 14 days, call the practice first before leaving your home to come see us. This new reality is very important as it allows us to give you the best advice possible when you’re feeling unwell. And by now you will have seen or read this type of request from virtually every health care provider in the country. It’s good advice to follow and will help flatten the infection curve (a term you may be hearing a lot about lately) in Florida and across the country. Here’s a good picture that helps to explain what flattening the curve means:

(Image credit: Johannes Kalliauer/ CC BY-SA 4.0)

The idea is to recognize that while it may be inevitable for a society to become ill, it’s very helpful to our health care system that the society doesn’t become ill all at once. That’s why simple actions like calling us before you leave your home to come see us, practicing social distancing (click here for tips on social distancing), staying home as much as you can, and increased levels of hand washing and sanitizing help to flatten the infection curve and allow health care providers to be better prepared to handle infections like COVID-19.

  • The introduction of telehealth services…what’s telehealth? Telehealth is the opportunity to speak with your health care provider by telephone or by your tablet or computer. It will help you stay home and still receive the same great care you would if you were in the practice…again helping to flatten the curve. The less you have to leave home the better. We will let all of our patients know as soon as our telehealth program is up and running. Please stay tuned.

  • Increased use of masks, gowns, and protective equipment in our practices. Don’t worry even though you might not see it, your provider is smiling behind that mask and is very happy to see you…all of us are. These things better protect you and your provider and help flatten the curve.

  • More calls from us. Especially if you have multiple chronic conditions. We want to make sure your issues continue to be managed properly, even if you don’t come in to the practice. And, if you have an appointment already scheduled, you’ll get a call from us the day before with a quick series of coronavirus questions…don’t worry, it’s not a test. Just another way for us to check on you and keep you safe in this current environment.

  • We may not hug you, shake your hand, and may stand back from you when welcoming you to the practice. Don’t be offended…again it’s all about taking care of you and flattening the curve.

For more information on COVID-19, available testing facilities close to you, and the latest information on care and self-quarantine, please call the 24 hour COVID-19 call center:

COVID-19 Call Center (24/7): (866) 779-6121

Our priority is the care and safety of all of our patients and caregivers.

Have you got questions? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions - Patient Education blog post, or call one of our clinics to speak to a ClareMedica team member.