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Mare is staying positive and keeping things in perspective…

Sure, I worry about myself at this time…

…after all, I am almost 80 years old and with the news I’m hearing about COVID-19 and its impact on people my age, who wouldn’t? But I am being very careful and have kept myself in isolation for the last 3 weeks. I limit how much I listen to the news (only twice a day) and I abide by what my health care provider and government office tell me to do. In my younger years I survived the hardship of war and watched my parents manage with far, far less than what I have today…they had very little in the way of resources. While this is a war with an invisible enemy...I know I can manage this by staying home as much as I can, washing my hands regularly, and keeping hydrated. It’s frustrating to be isolated for so long without visits from family or friends, or going shopping just for fun, and not for toilet paper! But, I refuse to let this nasty thing get me down.

To ease my mind I’ve gotten myself into a daily routine. I take exercise classes, chair yoga, and more, on the computer. I have been making the most of SilverSneakers membership (free with my Medicare Advantage plan), they offer several exercise cIasses online. I visit with my friends and family over the phone and on my tablet, and I do go for a little walk around the block a couple of times a week, usually around sunrise, since I’ve been up for a couple hours by then anyway. I cook for myself every day, nothing too complicated, but I do try new things, and I haven’t had junk food for a while. I’ll bet I’m down a couple of pounds too, but I’ve never been one to look at the scale…I’ve always been a bit heavy. 😉 There are a lot of positive things around me...tranquility, no traffic, the skies are clearer and a few new birds have shown up on the tree in front of my living room window. A little bit of nature reclaiming some lost territory…it’s nice to see. Yes, I get bored...but I have to do my best and remain in a positive frame of mind...not always easy, but I have plenty of books, crossword puzzles, sudokus, and old movies to watch. And if there’s positive news in the world, even just a little, I share it with everyone. I am thankful for and love my family and my neighbors and we are kind to one another...a big MYALY to them. There is always hope and I think that there is light beginning to show at the end of the tunnel…I focus on that.

Feel free to send me a note if you like. You can do so by clicking here.

In the meantime, keep well.

- Mare

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