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This is taking forever... enough already! Tips for quarantine.

Tips for quarantine

We received a note the other day from one of our associates and it read like this: “This has all been so taxing on the work front - never mind the challenge of being pushed together under the same roof all the time. Everyone in our household is anxious, cranky, and flammable - and we have it way better than most.” It’s a refrain that we’re sure is being echoed in one form or another across the country…around the world for that matter. Everyone reaches their boiling point at different times and sometimes it’s hard to keep a stolid and phlegmatic disposition when all you want to do is run out into the street and scream enough already!

It's no time to become complacent and we must keep pushing on…So what to do?

Through an expert mental health counselor in Vancouver Canada, we found our way back to New York and on to the doorstep of Dr. Eileen Feliciano, Psychologist, PsyD, MSEd, who published the following article “Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine”. Put together after having 31 sessions in one week singularly focused on COVID-19 and how to cope, she consolidated her advice and made the list. It’s practical, achievable, and in our opinion, perhaps some of the best advice we’ve read to help keep us from blowing our stack! Remembering that many of today’s households are multi-generational, Feliciano’s list takes into consideration that in addition to seniors, there may be children at home with fears and concerns that are all part of the “flammable” mix mentioned earlier. Our favorite is number 17: Find something you can control, and control the heck out of it. In a world where nothing seems to be in our control, this is excellent advice. It doesn’t take much, but it can take your mind off things and be very therapeutic.

By now you shouldn’t need reminding about keeping your distance, increased hygiene, etc. so we won’t do that. But we will remind you of this:

COVID-19 is not the only thing that impacts your health so we want you to feel comfortable in presenting yourself at our practices with any other issues you may have. We have a primary care team that remains unwavering in their commitment to serve you and deliver safe, comprehensive, and high-quality medical care in areas that are completely unrelated to the COVID virus. If you would prefer a tele-health alternative to an in-person visit, we can take care of that too. Register for our patient portal, or simply call any one of our practices directly and one of our health care heroes will gladly take you through the scheduling process. We’re here for you, you’re not alone, so give us a call.

For more information on COVID-19, available testing facilities close to you, and the latest information on care and self-quarantine, please call the 24 hour COVID-19 call center:

COVID-19 Call Center (24/7): (866) 779-6121

Our priority is the care and safety of all of our patients and caregivers.

Have you got questions? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions - Patient Education blog post, or call one of our clinics to speak to a ClareMedica team member.

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