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Facing today’s reality…with a mask on.

As each day passes, we learn something new about the nefarious bug that produces COVID-19 in people…and one of the things we’re learning right now is that people can carry the infection and show no signs of illness; this is referred to as being asymptomatic. One asymptomatic person has the potential to unwittingly infect dozens through everyday activities, such as social visits, frequenting bars, attending parties, or simply congregating without taking appropriate precautions. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), on a national basis, we’re seeing the result of this in an increasing infection rate especially among younger people. Have a look at the chart below: almost 75% of current cases involve people who are 64 and younger.

Source: Centers for Disease Control, 07-19-2020

Remember, there are 3 easy ways to continue to be part of the solution… While scientists and medical communities across the globe are working tirelessly to create a vaccine for COVID-19, we need to continue to take action to reduce the risk of exposure by practicing these healthy habits to protect yourself, your loved ones, and the greater community.

  1. Wear a mask. The Center for Disease Control recommends that everyone (ages 2 and older), wear a mask when out in public. The mask is part of our new reality. Wearing it helps to prevent the spread of droplets that occur naturally when we speak, sneeze and cough. Click on any of these links from the CDC to learn how to properly wear a mask, how to easily make a mask, and more. Please note: For the safety of all of our visitors and team members, wearing a mask is mandatory when visiting a ClareMedica practice. Alternatively, telehealth visits can be scheduled for further customer convenience and safety.

  2. Wash your hands, and often. We transfer germs with every touch. Best practices are to wash frequently, follow the 5-steps for proper hand washing, and use hand-sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol when you cannot use soap and water. Learn more here.

  3. Practice physical distancing. When possible, stay home. When you must be out, keep a safe distance between you and others, about 6 feet or 2 arms lengths away. Learn more here. With that said, don’t forget to stay social. It’s a must for your mental wellness! Pick-up the phone and chat with family and friends, video calls are great for face-to-face visits, and even plan distance visits between neighbours and family from driveways, sidewalks and balconies.

While we are still learning about the virus, we do know that anyone who is dealing with a chronic condition like heart disease, COPD, asthma, any kind of respiratory condition, diabetes, or those otherwise immune compromised are at a greater risk than most. We also know that although sometimes it feels like this will never end, it will. Viruses and infection rates have a cycle. If we all do our part by being responsible for ourselves and our actions, we can accelerate the cycle and start looking at COVID through the rear view mirror.

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