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COVID Vaccine Update

For the latest COVID vaccine information from the Florida Department of Health, please click here. You will be redirected to their website.

We have contacted the Florida Department of Health, our medical suppliers, and health plans about vaccine availability. At this juncture, government agencies have established a vaccination roll out plan that gives priority to frontline health care personnel and specific at-risk populations. The vaccine supply has been variable by state, and Florida has received less than the amounts requested or expected to date. We have been informed that there are several more options coming soon which will help meet demand. We have also been informed that it is unlikely that you will have the ability to select a vaccine of choice. Once the federal government ships to the state, the governor’s office may decide actual allocations.

General vaccine roll out information:

  • Currently we are in Phase 1a of vaccination. This includes hospital health care personnel and long term care facility residents.

  • Next will be Phase 1b which will include educators, food and agriculture workers, utility workers, police, and fire fighters (first responders).

  • After that will be phase 1c. This includes adults age 65+ and high risk individuals.

ClareMedica is following the situation very closely and will provide updates as they become available via this website. In the interim please continue to take the necessary precautions to avoid the continued spread of the coronavirus, as per CDC guidelines, and even more importantly: please arrange for your flu vaccine influenza (flu) is another virus which oftentimes shares the same symptoms as COVID-19. Call your doctor’s office today to make these arrangements.

Thank you,

The ClareMedica Team

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