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Getting back to business... slowly.

During the worst of COVID-19 our ClareMedica practices remained open to serve our patients in a time of uncertainty and need. And during this time, our health care heroes made appropriate changes in how they deliver care, with a focus on ensuring continued access to critical services, while keeping patients and team members as safe and as healthy as possible. Thankfully, none of our associates, and very few of our patients, tested positive for coronavirus. Of the patients who did, almost all of them have recovered…again, thankfully.

Now it’s time to get back to business.

As we begin to re-open our Florida economy and get back on track to a normal way of life, it’s time for our loyal and dedicated patients to get back to the business of their personal care and not further delay their regular visits to our practices. What kind of care should you be thinking about?

It is important to re-start care that you have postponed such as chronic disease care and preventive care. Many of our patients have ongoing health care needs that are being deferred. If this sounds like you, it’s time to re-start your clinically necessary care.

If you are due for a screening like a mammogram, ultrasound, lab test, imaging, or have cancelled a recent appointment with your provider, we strongly suggest that you keep up with your essential and preventative care to detect any underlying conditions or unmanaged chronic disease which may put you at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19. Get these appointments back on your calendar as soon as possible.

Is it safer to postpone an office visit until the pandemic is over?

We understand that you may be hesitant to seek in-person care at this time. However, the dangers of undetected medical conditions and chronic disease may put you at even greater risk. We’ve put careful precautions and protocols in place to ensure a safe in-office visit. Don’t delay making an appointment for essential care.

If I feel sick, what is the best way to get care? If you are ill, please call your ClareMedica office before coming in. Our providers are easily accessible and you can schedule an appointment in multiple ways, including calling for an in-office appointment or booking a scheduled virtual visit/telemedicine visit online. Whatever your need, always know that you can call our office and our team will determine the best way to care for you.

What is ClareMedica doing to keep me safe at my next in-office visit?

For the safety and well-being of our patients and in-office teams, we are reinforcing best practices and careful considerations at all our facilities, including wearing masks at all times. We ask that you do the same and that your mask covers your nose and mouth.

We continue to conduct enhanced sanitizing and use deep cleaning protocols to reduce potential spread of viruses, and patients who are symptomatic or suspected to have COVID-19 are screened and seen through a telehealth visit when possible.

Will ClareMedica continue to offer telemedicine? You bet! As we begin to see more in-person care appointments, we will continue to maximize our telemedicine platforms for care that can be accomplished virtually. Telemedicine allows your personal provider to see you face-to-face through a video visit while you remain at home. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and a reliable connection (WiFi or cellular). Your visit in any of these formats is documented in your ClareMedica medical record.

While no one can predict when this crisis will end, you can feel confident that ClareMedica will always deliver the care you need now and in the future.

For more information on COVID-19, available testing facilities close to you, and the latest information on care and self-quarantine, please call the 24 hour COVID-19 call center:

COVID-19 Call Center (24/7): (866) 779-6121

Our priority is the care and safety of all of our patients and caregivers.

Have you got questions? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions - Patient Education blog post, or call one of our clinics to speak to a ClareMedica team member.

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