ClareMedica of South Miami - Family Medicine
The offices of Dr. Ramon Leon, Dr. Ruslan Manashirov, 
and Miriam I. Guerra Otero, FNP - BC

5901 SW 74th Street, Suite 205
South Miami, Florida, 33143

Office (305) 666-8691         Fax (305) 666-6580
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Dr. Lenonard Zimmerman has retired effective May 15, 2020.
Dr. Ramon Leon, Dr. Ruslan Manashirov,  and Miriam Guerra Otero, APRN (nurse practitioner) are happy to take you as a continued patient of this ClareMedica practice.
For those of you who are members of a Medicare Advantage insurance plan that we take at the practice, you will need to inform the plan that you would like to switch your primary care provider to either Ramon Leon, Ruslan Manashirov, or Miriam Guerra Otero.  Simply call the number on your insurance card to do so.
If you have any questions or need assistance in speaking with your Medicare Advantage insurance plan you can contact our ClareMedica Medicare Advantage specialist, Beverly Simons:
Phone: (786) 975-7062